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Kim’s Family Food Restaurant @ Lorong Kilat

It has been some time since we went to Kim’s Family. We have been wanting to go since we knew they had expanded. Sis and I decided to pay them a visit about a week ago.

Nude Kimbap

Kim's Family Restaurant

When we got there, we saw on the board outside, a Today’s Special advert. That night’s special was called Nude Kimbap ($15) and there were only 15 sets available. Out of curiosity, we ordered it. (Ya, we thought it’s a bit expensive)

Kim (dried seaweed) bap (rice) when they have a nude word in front of it means it’s inside out. You can see from the photo that it’s quite messy but somehow, it tasted rather good. It was warm to start with, and with lots of mayo on it, it was moist and tasty. Inside it were hidden crunchy bits of dried seafood. It was rather unusual, but those bits that sis and crispy fried shrimps tasted rather nice.

If you are bored sitting in front of the PC/Mac now, you can view this you-tube of how these 2 Korean girls made kimbap. Although it’s in Korean and I don’t understand that language, I think it’s hilarious! The link here:

The Banchan

Kim's Family Restaurant

The ‘secret’ reason why sis and I visited this place. The huge variety of banchan that they serve!
We got served 13 this time. Oh these mini bowls of joy!

Some are nice, some requires you to have acquired taste, but we did not waste any but finished them all! (or rather, I finished the ones that sis did not want)


Kim's Family Restaurant

I love Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup, so I ordered this to share. I have always enjoyed their soup here. You will find that it taste bland. The salt has been left out in the cooking process. The salt’s served on the side.

I had a Korean reader emailed me once and told me that the salt’s not suppose to be added into the soup. That’s how her family have it since she was growing up. The salt on the side is for dipping the chicken meat when you eat it.

So out of curiosity, I have been having Korean chicken soup in many places since I got that email some weeks ago. I will always pretend I don’t know anything and ask how should I eat it.

The answer I got, if you like the soup salty, just add the salt into the soup! If not, then drink it without salt. The chicken is bland, so when you eat it and prefer more tasty meat, you can dip it to the little saucer of salt. So I concluded that it all depends on how a particular Korean family eats it at home. 😉 Have it your way!

I had the soup without salt, but dipped the chicken with a tiny bit of salt while eating as suggested by the reader. It does taste different.


Kim's Family Restaurant

My sis has always loved Korean rice cakes. It has become a ‘must order’ when I dine with her at Korean restaurants.

I always find their version having more other ingredients than rice cakes. For rice cakes lovers, you might only find a few pieces of rice cakes, they have lots of flat fish cakes inside.

It worked because I like the fish cakes more than rice cakes, and sis like rice cakes instead of the fish cakes.

Persimmon tea

Kim's Family Restaurant

Cold cinnamon tea at the end of the meal to give you a ‘jolt’. I am not a fan of this tea, because when I drink it, it literally gives me a jolt. It’s cold and the taste of persimmon and my glossopharyngeal nerves aren’t the best of friends. It nerves tells my brain something and I will get this chilling ‘urrgh’ sensation. It is not really my cup of tea. LOL

I know there are many of you who loves it. I think Dad would like it, he loves persimmons.


Kim's Family Restaurant

Some ascorbic acid to end the meal. It was quite sweet and we literally ended the meal with a sweet note.

Kim’s Family Food
17 Lorong Kilat
Kilat Court,
Singapore 598139

Tel: 6465 0535

4 thoughts on “Kim’s Family Food Restaurant @ Lorong Kilat”

  • You're so good. Me, I would prolly just try one or two of the “safer” choices of the banchan and skip all the rest. (Devil and I are very wasteful, sighs.)

    We love the ginseng soup! A must-order for us! 😀

  • Long time since I've visited your blog! Haha. I think Kim's standard has dropped drastically since they became too popular. Sigh.

  • I have not been back to Kim's when it has been popular.

    Now that it is not so crowded, we are back again. 🙂

    It's still the better one around this area. (out of the 4 or 5 here?)

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