Burger King Tendergrill @ NUS Deck Canteen

Since I am doing all burger posts these few days, I might as well blog about this burger craze today.
I am sure most people would have seen the $1 Tendergrill advertisement by Burger King.

Colleagues and I decided to join the queue today!

Time is precious and why waste it by queuing for burgers?

Well, if you have been working hard the whole morning, giving presentations (I was) or sitting the whole morning, it’s ok! You deserve doing something totally different and enjoy it as well. Your eyes needs rest, you need to laugh and chat with your colleagues or friends. It really brings sanity back.

But if you have already been wasting time the whole day, then don’t waste your time queuing. You can’t afford too because you have not been a good steward of time ;-p

Burger King Tendergrill

Colleagues and I went to the nearest Burger King outlet that we know of. The Burger King at Singapore’s 1st Eco-Food Court! At the Deck Canteen, NUS.

BK is on the 2nd floor, but the queue went all the way to the 1st floor!

Burger King Tendergrill

People do know how to queue. No fights here, they are a civilized lot here!

In fact, as you queue, you notice there are students or academics reading (academic) papers!
No wonder in today’s newspaper, NUS is ranked 27th in the world and 3rd in Asia! (read the news here)

Burger King Tendergrill

So many people? No, not everyone was in the queue for Burger King. The rest of the stalls also have queues. If you visit this canteen like colleagues and I sometimes do, the queues here are always long.

But the longest queue for the day was at Burger King. You add around 20 minutes more to your normal waiting time if you queue at Burger King today.

Burger King Tendergrill

Finally at the upper floor.
When you are at this canteen, you can tell which faculty the students are from! It’s as easy as ABC!

(A)rts, (B)usiness and (C)omputing students hang out here and you can tell by their dressing!
No prize for guessing where the nerdy ones belong to!

Burger King Tendergrill

Hmm. Why is the girl scratching her head? (She must be an Arts student!)
There was only 1 burger to order for the day! Tendergrill.

Burger King Tendergrill

One of the early birds who got his burger.
He seems to be really enjoying it. He was on that pose for some time!
Some more he is ‘kiao-kar-ing’! (crossing-his-legs)

Burger King Tendergrill

Colleague and I finally got our burgers.

Burger King Tendergrill

Wow, the burger today had a big piece of meat! It’s protruding out of the bun!
It was well worth the $1. The only complaint was that it was not warm enough. The kitchen staff must be rushing like mad today, cutting a few seconds off the grilling over the flame timing?

I had this burger few weeks ago with normal queuing and waiting time, it is nice and warm. Today’s version is definitely a rush job.

Burger King Tendergrill

Overall, it was a fun and a bit silly queuing for the $1 burger. But colleagues and I had a good time!

Try the burger another day when it’s not so busy. You will enjoy it more.

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  • WOW, what a massive queue! You definitely have more patience than me – even for a $1 burger, I'm not sure I'd be able to queue for that long. It did look good though – I love Burger King's buns the best, they are so tasty!

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