Lobby Lounge @ Marriott Hotel Singapore

It was a totally impromptu meet-up. I was having lunch at Ion Orchard and I twitted the food I had. I got a reply from Calvin Timo that he was a few floors below where I was. I had a very full 8 course Chinese New Year lunch thanks to Dell. Calvin had a big lunch too, but we always have space for some desserts. Leongraphy was with Calvin, so he joined us briefly before leaving for his appointment.

The idea of having afternoon tea comes from the ladies of our recent cruise. After the cruise, we saw on Facebook that they have been having lots of tai-tai sessions out. They will be enjoying themselves sipping tea/coffee and nibbling and gossiping away and we could salivating looking at their photos. The guys can’t be bothered or rather don’t have the luxury of time.

Since it is rare that we even meet up, the 3 guys pretended to be male version of tai tais. We pretended to be  ‘shao ye’, having tea and cakes. Since Royal Copenhagen has closed, we can’t go there to play pretend Shao Ye. We went to Marriott’s Lobby Lounge instead.


Calvin had Tea with honey.
Hmm when we saw the honey, we thought of someone. Some of you may know who we are thinking of.

Ice Raspberry Tea

I had the The Iced Raspberry Tea. Cool and refreshing.

Chocolate Pop Tart Cake

We shared two pieces of cakes. This was the Chocolate Pop Tart Cake ($5).
It looks interesting right? It is quite good too.

Rich Chocolate Cake

The Rich Chocolate Cake ($6.50) was such a delight. Chocolate fans should try this.
Dark and milk chocolate mousse with hints of alcohol in it. Topped with a chocolate macaron, a piece of chocolate cookie like chocolate  and a piece of flat reddish chocolate.

If ladies meet up, they gossip. With guys, guess what?

There was 3 or 4 cameras, an iPad, 5 mobile phones between us. The 3 guys sitting on the couch were holding their phones, texting, checking facebook, tweeting, checking and replying emails. But wait there’s more. They were also instagraming, whatapp-ing and downloading of new apps!

Lobby Lounge
Singapore Marriott Hotel
320 Orchard Road
Singapore 238865

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