Chinese New Year Lo Hei @ Singapore Flyer

[This was an invited session to Lo Hei at Singapore Flyer]

Happy Birthday everyone!

Today is the 7th day of the Chinese New Year. Do you know what day that is? The 7th day happens to be Ren Ri (人日 / Human Day). You can consider it Human’s birthday!

There are “many things” that different people do during Chinese New Year. They are all part of the customs that each family has and it has passed down from our parents and grandparents. One customs that quite a few family has is to toss the Yu Sheng or Lo Hei (as they call it in Cantonese) on the 7th day!

Lo Hei @ Singapore Flyer

I was recently invited to a bloggers event by Smith Leong of Innova Communications to have the Prosperity Toss – “Lo Hei” at the world’s largest Giant Observation Wheel – Singapore Flyer.

I have been up the Singapore Flyer a few times and have always enjoyed the view.  I usually take the ride with friends and relatives who are visiting Singapore and they always love the view. There’s something about being high up that makes you euphoric.

The Lo Hei session up the Singapore Flyer was a different experience though! It was the first time I had food and drinks served inside the capsule! It was also one that was quite fun and very exciting!

Lo Hei @ Singapore Flyer

The Singapore Flyer has a Lo Hei package where you and your family / friends / colleagues can Lo Hei at 165 metres in the air!

We were all holding our super long chopsticks getting ready to Lo Hei the moment our capsule reaches right at the top! Why start tossing at the very top?

The Singapore Flyer folks tell us that when the capsule reaches the very top, we are ”nearest’ to heaven and it’s the best time to start tossing the Yu Sheng and at the same time absorb all the “heavenly chi’!

At the organisation where I work, we usually have our Annual CNY Lunch on the 7th day and it’s also when we have a Lo Hei session. This year the lunch is on the 8th day for some reason.

Do you want to gather your colleagues and have a Lo Hei session? Get your boss to go along and he or she might be willing to foot the bill for you all. It’s a very auspicious amount too!

Here’s the package:

Chinese New Year Lo Hei Package with Free Flow Beverages
Dates: 28 January 2011 – 20 February 2011
Time: 11:00am – 9:30pm Daily
Price: $1,888nett (for up to 26 guests)
Our Chinese New Year Lo Hei Package consists of:
        – Singapore Flight (1 rotation of approximately 30 minutes)
        – Express Boarding
        – Complimentary VIP Lounge Access
        – 2 in-flight hosts
        – Prosperity Yu Sheng
        – A selection of oriental canapés
        – Free flow of wines, beers, juices, soft drinks and water
        – Specially decorated chinese new year private capsule
        – Mandarin oranges and red packets (ang pows) for every guest

– Moët and Chandon Champagne per bottle at additional $148++.
– Feng Shui Audio Guide (Free of Charge)
– Additional rotation available at additional $888nett.

For the latest update, please refer to:

Here’s some photos of how it looks like on board the Lo Hei capsule:

Lo Hei @ Singapore Flyer

Lo Hei @ Singapore Flyer

The Prosperity Yu Sheng ready for tossing!

Lo Hei @ Singapore Flyer

Inside the capsule is a big round table where the Yu Sheng is the centre of attraction. Everyone gets oranges and ang pows. Note the chopsticks! There are two pairs and one is extra long!

Lo Hei @ Singapore Flyer

We were served by 2 in-flight hosts.
One of them prepared the Yu Sheng and we had the honour of him proclaim out loud the auspicious phrases!

The other will be serving you free flow of wines, beers, juices, soft drinks and water.

Lo Hei @ Singapore Flyer

What about the taste of the Yu Sheng? I found it very appetizing!
It had the right amount of flavours (sweet, salty etc) and texture (crispy, moist etc) that will tantalize your taste buds.

In fact, after eating it, it made me hungry! Don’t worry, there was a selection of oriental canapés to fill you up.

Lo Hei @ Singapore Flyer

If you are wondering, the catering is provided by Megu.

Lo Hei @ Singapore Flyer

Yes, we went a bit wild at 165 metres above sea level!
We tried to toss our Yu Sheng so that we can reach the auspicious height of 188 metres!

One round, which is around 30 minutes is more than sufficient to Lo Hei.
You have around 10 minutes to take all the photos you want of the surrounding.
You have another 5 minutes to get ready and count down.
After tossing, you have 15 minutes to finish up the food and take more photos!

Lo Hei @ Singapore Flyer

The Singapore Flyer has come up with something I found quite interesting. For those who are more into the symbolism, the whole Lo Hei event is part of an auspicious trail.

1. You start by capturing the Heaven Chi (天气) at the top of the flyer.
2. You face the east, which is where the “wishing well” above is located. Here you capture the Earth Chi (地气)
3. To end it all and to initiate the Human Chi (人气), you throw a coin at the gong to sound it and let the vibrate to you.

For more information, visit: to have the contact details of how to book this package.

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