Standing Sushi Bar @ 8QSAM

Group deals seems like a huge success now! You keep seeing the deals coming in from the various websites. Three companies that currently offer things I like are, and They somehow tempt you that you just want to click on the deals. 

One of my very first deal was the one by
It was a 50% off Japanese Hoppy + Salmon Nigiri Set at Standing Sushi Bar at only $10 (worth $20).

* Salmon Nigiri *

Standing Sushi Bar @ 8QSAM

The Salmon Nigiri was delicious as expected. I always like the sashimi from Standing Sushi Bar. They have always been fresh and so far not disappointed me. We bought two sets of the deal, so we had 8 pieces of salmon in total.

* Hoppy *

Hoppy Beer

The Hoppy! When we bought the deal, I had no idea what Hoppy was!

Hoppy Beer

I realised what it was after talking to a member of staff. Hoppy is actually a non alcoholic beer flavoured drink (0.8 percent alcohol is considered non alcoholic)!

It is usually mixed with shochu to up the alcohol content.
Somehow the mix goes well with me! (we looked at the menu and this drink usually costs $12, so our $10 was so worth it!)

Momo was hooked on it! I don’t usually like alcoholic drinks did find it quite nice!

* Sushi Take *

Standing Sushi Bar @ 8QSAM

Since we were there, we felt like eating more. We ordered the Sushi Take. $25
It came with  7 assorted nigiri, 2 pieces of maki, miso soup and the salad shown below.

Standing Sushi Bar @ 8QSAM

* Aji Shio *

Standing Sushi Bar @ 8QSAM

Feeling a bit more gluttony that usual, we asked them for some recommendation. We were told the Aji Shio ($28) has been popular with people who love fish. Oh yes, they were right.

Surprisingly the ‘gut’ part of the fish did not taste fishy. I like fish so I ate up every trace of fish flesh on it. The lady who took away the plate commented that the fish was so ‘cleaned up’! I cleaned up even the head part. 🙂

* Jo Kabubi *

Standing Sushi Bar @ 8QSAM

We decided to try out other stuff here. The only non fish we had.
The grill wagyu beef was nice and tender. Yes, it’s delicious wagyu! ($35)

The meal might be a bit pricey, but it was because we ordered stuff that we liked. We probably over ordered because we were so full after that.

It also did not hurt when we asked which credit card had discounts.
We paid using “SCB” (I realise I have to use acronyms nowadays so that people won’t think it is sponsored by them, you know which card right?) and got 15% off! Total bill was $84.85

Standing Sushi Bar
8 Queen Street,
Signapore 188535.

Tel: 6333 1335

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