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Sin Kee Famous Chicken Rice @ Mei Ling Food Centre

Today’s lunch was Chicken Rice. Colleagues and I wanted to try the so called ‘original’ Sin Kee Famous Chicken Rice. We heard many people love it and we were all eager to try it.

Some time ago, we went to the other stall with the exact same name at Commonwealth Ave (next to Margaret Drive FC).  Why two chicken rice stalls with the same name? For history and other facts, you can do an online search if you want. We are more interested in which one has nicer food. 

When we got there, there was no queue. It looked kinda bare. But after lunch, probably it was most people’s lunch hour, there was a long queue. It seems quite popular with the crowd.

They occupy two lots in the food centre.

Sin Kee Famous Chicken Rice @ Mei Ling Food Centre


We told the chicken rice man we have 6 persons eating and he served us 1 whole chicken. The chicken was huge and plump! This photo shows that it was served in those huge XXL melamine plates.

The famous 1 whole chicken


For the chicken meat, it was nice and firm. However, half of us did not really find it spectacular, but we all agreed it was one of the nicer chicken rice around.  The chicken here is not those that has lots of sauce over it and also you do not see lots of soy sauce leftover after you finish the chicken.

What’s leftover is some chicken stock. So for those who prefer chicken done this way, this is your kind of chicken rice place.

(I think half of us likes chicken with lots of sauce. haha)

The chicken close up


The chicken rice seller asked if we wanted any vegetables and we said yes. What came was nai bai stir fried with oyster sauce. Nice crunchy vegetables that’s not too oily or salty.

Vegetable Dish - Nai Bai


For the rice, you can see that it is not oily. It’s fragrant but not as oily as other stall’s version, which I think all of us very much appreciated.

The chicken rice!


Oh, I forgot to take a photo of their chilli sauce. Their chilli sauce is really delicious. It’s the darker red in colour kind. I think it’s mix with some rehydrated dried chilli, probably why it is fragrant and nice. It’s hard to describe, you should try it and see if you like it.

We have yet to try their fish porridge though. We shall be back one day to try it. 😉

Sin Kee Famous Chicken RiceMei Chin Food CentreBlk 159 Mei Chin Road

Singapore 140159

Hours: 11am to 8pm, closed on Mondays
Tel: 64739525

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