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Nando’s Singapore @ Bugis Junction

This meal was eaten in May! Momo and I met with two other friends for dinner. We shall call them “CanDo” and “LittleYellowCar” here.

I can’t remember now the details, but somehow we ended at Nando’s. I guess we all wanted to try it out. You would need patience if you wanna try the food during dinner hours. The wait was very long the night we were there. It took us about nearly an hour of queuing before we got our seats. We joked that if we went to Johor Bahru branches, we could get to eat quicker!


What did we eat? Since there was the 4 of us, we had the Peri-fect Platter. $43.60
It is a full chicken with 4 large sidelines. For the chicken, we had Mild.

(We figure that the hotter sauces are on the tables, so if we want more fiery chicken we could add in the hotter sauces)

The chicken was really well marinated and we all enjoyed the flame-grilled chicken. The sauce and the chicken were quite addictive!

Peri-fect Platter - Mild Peri Peri Chicken


For the sidelines, we chose the Cous Cous Salad. I think Cous Cous is an acquired taste. Not everyone appreciated it.

Peri-fect Platter - Cous Cous Salad


The grilled vegetables were a hit though. It was so colourful!
It was soft enough but not mushy.

Peri-fect Platter - Grilled Vegetables


The 3rd sides we had was the Old Style Chips. We loved the chips and wallop it all in no time!

Peri-fect Platter - Old Style Chips


This was the Peri Potato Salad. I love the taste of the potato salad!
I know it’s full of sauces but that’s also a reason why it’s delightful to my tastebuds!

Peri-fect Platter -  Peri Potato Salad


LittleYellowCar said she wanted to try other stuff as well. So we ordered this.
It came served in the most interesting serving vessel. It was covered so you got to open it.


Inside, it looks fabulous doesn’t it?
This was the Cataplana. $18.

It had spiced rice below it. On the top, ther was the chicken thigh grilled with Peri Peri sauce, tomatoes, eggplant, onions and peppers.

Verdict, it was nice!


If you have visited them recently, is the queue still so long?

I just have to mention this, though I might sound a bit petty:
They do not serve ‘tap’ water. You need to purchase bottled water, even if you purchased other drinks.
What we noticed is that the menu states they serve 600ml bottled water ($2.50!), but when it’s served to you, they give you the 500ml bottled water instead. (If you are wondering what water, it’s the usually ‘on sale’ 40 cents bottled of Ice Mountain you get in the supermarket) Nope, we did not bother to argue with them for 100ml difference. Don’t want to ruin a good meal with that. 😉

200 Victoria Street
Bugis Junction #01-85/87
Singapore 188021

Hours: 10 am – 10 pm
Tel: 6338 6555

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