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Jew Kit Chicken Rice @ Bukit Timah Shopping Centre

We noticed this new sign board has been up for sometime at the Bukit Timah Shopping Centre. You know something? The sign board is placed right opposite the 5 Star Chicken Rice and Boon Tong Kee across the road (Cheong Chin Nam Road). Chicken rice war? Another chicken rice place? Do we really love our chicken rice so much that there’s always room for more of it?

Doing some online search, I realise that this stall seems to be popular with Bukit Batok folks. It’s fairly decent and their pricing is also attractive. Looks like they are expanding. From Bukit Batok to Bukit Timah. Maybe soon to Bukit Panjang, Bukit Ho Swee and all the way to Kaki Bukit. 🙂

Jew Kit Chicken Rice Kitchen


We were a bit late (around 8pm plus) for dinner so there was not much chicken left “hanging” at the counter. They said we could have a ‘mix’. So we had half a chicken with a mix of Steamed and Roasted Chicken.

The Roasted Chicken is fairly decent. The colour of the skin looks good and the taste is not bad too. The meat was firm and overall quite pleasing when you eat it. It comes with “Kiam Chai” (Salted vegetables) at the side.

Roast Chicken


Turning to the other side of the plate, we had the Steamed Chicken.
For me personally, I prefer the Roasted side, because I will eat roasted skin, but the steamed skin is a bit too soft to eat. (I know steamed chicken fans will disagree with me!)

(Their pricing for half a chicken is $12 and whole chicken $23, what I saw on the menu)

Steam Chicken


They also had zhi char (stir fry) dishes. We ordered the French beans. Lots of garlic and also some pounded fried shrimps, it was really fragrant. Err.. they are also heavy handed with the oil too.

Stir Fried French Beans


We also had “Paul the Sambal Sotong”. The sambal was quite good. Mr Paul was stir fried not too long so it was not chewy at all.

Sambal Sotong


Their rice is fairly decent too, and not very oily.

Chicken Rice


We did noticed they were a little forgetful. (Old lady taking our orders had a tiring day maybe? Forgivable lah)

We ordered the stewed bean curd and eggs and they forgot to serve it. It was only when we asked them then they ‘went to check’. It was cold, so half of us on the table was not happy. But the other half who likes to eat tofu cold said it was good. For me, the beancurd and egg were not memorable. :-p

Lor Neng and Tau Kwa


I guess some competition along this area is good. The two chicken rice shops opposite the road is getting really expensive! The pricing here was good. It was around $30 for the above and 5 plates of rice, soup plus drinks. There was a decent crowd too.

Jew Kit Chicken Rice
Bukit Timah Shopping Centre
170 Upper Bukit Timah Rd
Singapore 588179

7 thoughts on “Jew Kit Chicken Rice @ Bukit Timah Shopping Centre”

  • How on earth are you so skinny?! I am gaining weight just looking at your delicious food. I have to say I keep “Lurking” and your blog is my FAVORITE foodPorn.

    I'm on a diet now, but my body is the type that gains weight just thinking about eating. LOL

    Anyway, just wanted to say I really adore your blog.

  • TheBittenKitten
    Who says i am skinny? hehe..
    Thanks for visiting and lurking around and also dropping a note too!

    OK, getting technical. LOL Ya, I had squid / sotong. But octopus also called sotong?

    Hmmm. I am confused and sotong now…

  • just came from Camemberu's blog and am salivating now too, at ur shots.. sigh.. i feel so bummed out i missed u guys! don't worry i will call on ya soon. the meeting should be coming up again in a bit:) (otherwise us just come to KL la.. i wanna buy u lunch/dinner!)

  • Cumi & Ciki

    If you came last week, Kenny was here too! Let us know when you are in here.

    One of these days I will go up to KL. ;-P

    Ok. I shall try the meatball soup and Kala chicken. Err, what is Kala chicken?

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