Poolside Cafe and Restaurant @ Hwa Chong Swimming Complex

If you are looking for places to eat during the weekend around 8 pm along Bukit Timah Road, tough luck!

Most places are packed and you got to wait. If you can’t get a place at Smok’Inn Frogz or Forture Seafood‘s Zhi Char, you are extremely hungry, and if waiting is not your game, you can try the Hwa Chong Swimming Complex.

There’s a small little cafe called Poolside Cafe and Restaurant. There’s aircon seating if the heat nowadays is killing you. The food’s not bad here.

This was the egg soup we had. Starchy soup ala sharks fin soup, ie. no sharks were harmed in the preparation of this soup. A bit too starchy for my liking though.

Egg Soup

The Red Wine Pork Ribs here was interesting. $18.
It’s like a red wine reduction sauce poured over the pork ribs that has been deep fried. The portion was quite big too. Only slight hint of red wine taste, so those who don’t usually take red wine can take it too.

Red Wine Pork Chops

The seasonal vegetables and mushroom dish. $12.

Veg with Mushroom

This was the deep fried squid salt & pepper style. $10
Generally ok, only a few squid was tough. The rest was enjoyable.

Fried Salt n Pepper Squid

The Assam Fish here was nice and very appetizing. $28.
The fish was very fresh for that night’s dinner. Fish cooked in this savoury style really makes you wanna eat more bowls of rice! The Assam here is a bit different from the usual ones, you can see from the photo that it is less red and more orange in colour.

Asam Fish

This place is open to the public and has ample parking.
There’s no GST, Service Charge or Govt Tax.

Poolside Cafe and Restaurant
Hwa Chong Swimming Complex
673 Bukit Timah Road
Singapore 269739

Tel: 6463 1129
Hours: Lunch 10.30 am – 2.30 pm / Dinner 5.00 pm – 9.30 pm (Mon to Thurs it closes at 9.00 pm), Opens daily.

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