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DuluKala The Peranakan Home @ Beauty World Centre

Dulukala…. We have been eating here since the longest time. It was a pop and mom shop which was totally no frills and slow moving. We used to remember coming here with the elder couple doing everything. The aunty and uncle will take orders, then move to the kitchen to whip up your order. You can hear the clanging on their wok. The food was always good!

This recent visit here, it seems to have kept up with the times.  We think their kids or grandkids have taken over the operation. Oh why? You might ask. There is a new menu! A nice little book with peranakan motifs on it. Guess what is on the first page? They printed their Vision and Mission Statements! Someone taking over must have attended some business management course and spruce everything up!

We notice, their super old air-con has been replaced too! Look a new sign board too!

Oh, we spotted the elderly aunty on the night we ate here. Looks like she has surrendered her kitchen to the new kitchen hands.

DuluKala @ Beauty World Centre

This was the Assam Fish Head we had. (market prices, between $22 – $24)
If you like assam based sauces like our family does, you will like this dish. Pouring the assam sauce over your rice, it’s utterly wicked! It has the right amount of sourness from the assam that really perks you up!

Assam Fish Head

This was another of our favourite. If you don’t eat ladies fingers because you hate the sliminess, then you should try their version here. No viscous liquid that oozes out of your veg! The ones here were “Wok Hei flavoured” too!

Ladies Fingers Goreng

The Peranakan Meatball soup. The Bakwan Kepeting. $7. (Comes in a little claypot with 4 meatballs).
The meatball was good! Lots of ingredients have gone into making the balls! Whenever we have the soup here, the soup base reminds me of a particular brand of instant noodles! I want to find back that instant noodles that has this taste!

Bakwan Kepeting

The Babi Pongteh. $6.50
If you are like my sister who has in recent months swore off fat meats, you will notice, they serve pieces of lean meat in their Babi Pongteh along with the triple layer fat version 😉

My only complain is the portion is a bit small, and the version we had that night had a more porky smell. Other than that, we find it was lovely.

Babi Pongteh

We are fans of chincalok and we love eggs. Here’s the Omelette with Chincalok! $5

Omelette with Chincalok

For desserts, we had the following to share amongst the 5 of us.

Two of them were free because we saw this huge banner outside that says free dessert with every $20 spent using DBS cards. We asked them how it works, and we were told you get a free dessert for every $20 spent. But we can only choose Bubur Chacha or Pulut Hitam from the menu as the free dessert. (why??)

The Pulut Hitam was quite nice. The warm mucilaginous texture with santan brings a smile to my sister’s face.

Pulut Hitam

I had to ‘push’ the ingredients a bit to the side to take a photo. The Bubur Chacha was nice and colourful! The yam, sweet potato etc was all soft and nice.
(But we think their supplier have been giving them discounts for sugar? hehe)

Bubur Cha Cha

I realize something. We might find something really sweet (like the Bubur Chacha above). But something that is equally sweet, we find it enjoyable! OK, I admit I am bias to Gula Melaka!

I find the Chendol with lots of gula melaka acceptable! In fact, I love it!


Dulukala The Peranakan Home
144 Upper Bukit Timah Road
#04-04 Beauty World Centre
Singapore 588177

Tel: 6465 2036
Hours: 11.30am-3pm, 6-9pm

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  • good idea with pushing ingreds to the side for the desserts – no wonder my dessert photos sometimes turn out so plain,… cos you cant see whats in it! 😛

    great photos, i wouldnt mind some of that slimey okra right about now.. :O)

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