Nara Japanese Restaurant @ Goldhill Centre

Momo, Gorilla and I were thinking of having some Yu Sheng. We asked a friend online (who works for this great food portal) for recommendations. She said Nara. It’s a bit pricey, but you can get fresh sashimi for your Yu Sheng!

So off we went to Nara at Goldhill Centre. (the other branch is too far away).
But alas, they don’t serve Yu Sheng until next week (they say 8 Feb)! What a bummer!

Anyway, we still ordered our food and enjoyed ourselves. The appetizer that was served to us not long after we sat down.


Gorilla does not really eat sashimi (except salmon), so we ordered  portions for two only.
It’s a huge plate and the pieces are huge too! Momo and I like it because it was really fresh. By the time we finish it, we are almost full!

We were thinking how are we going to finish the rest of the food that is coming!

(on the receipt it printed this as Kaisen Mori $85)

Kaisen Mori

We also tried their Nara Special Maki ($20).
This is nice. The ‘shiok’ part of it is the wasabi on top of it as well! Put it in your mouth, the whole thing melts in your mouth and at the end, the wasabi shoots right up! I thought it’s only me, but all 3 in the table had the ‘wasabi shooting right up’ experience. LOL..

Nara Special Maki

Momo wanted some to try the grill stuff, so we had the Nama Saba Shioyaki. ($15) Nicely done I would say.

Nama Saba Shioyaki

We ordered this because we did not know that the sashimi would be so big a plate. Hiyashi Chuka Ramen. ($12). It’s ok. (Of all places, I think if you want to try cold ramen, the nicest is still from Sushi Tei. hehe)

Hiyashi Chuka Ramen

This was for Gorilla. He is a meat eater and he does not eat sashimi.
Sukiyaki Nabe ($22). It’s nice but gorilla finds it a bit too salty for him.

I enjoyed the  raw egg dropped inside and taken out after a while. The runny yoke….

Sukiyaki Nabe

We also had some skewer stuff, but I think we were too full to really enjoy the rest of it. So don’t think it’s worth posting them here. 🙂

167 Thomson Road
Goldhill Centre
Singapore 307633

Tel: 6256 6568
Hours: 11.30am – 2.15 pm, 6pm – 10.15pm

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