Megumi Japanese Restaurant @ Sunset Way

I am a bit busy at work, so I missed out a few’s post. I realise I have some meals eaten in December 2009 that has not been documented too! Here’s a dinner we had with our uncle, aunty and cousin.

We did not have a chawanmushi each, but shared two persons to one. I think it was not too bad. I was sharing with my cousin who doesn’t eat any of the fillings. I ate the fillings while she ate all the eggy custard. 😉


This inside out sushi was not too bad too.


What we all like was the sashimi platter. You can see for this platter. Guess what is hidden behind the leaf?

Sashimi Platter

It’s a rock fish. The service staff asked if we wanted to try it. So we did.

Kasago Rockfish

I took this sign to remind myself of the name of the fish. But it was a few weeks ago, but I think if my memory serves me well, the fish above is the Kasago / Rock Fish.

Fresh From Japan

When the sashimi was served, we were told, they will deep dry the fish head after we finish the sashimi. Here’s the deep fried head and bones. 😉

Deep Fried Kasago

I forgot what this is, but I remember it just melts in your mouth. I would want to eat this again when I come here again.

This literally melts in your mouth

I am not going to make the post too long with the rest of our own ‘carbo dish’. Here’s sis and mine.
Sis had the Charcoal Soba. We saw the word charcoal and just wanted to try it.

It taste just like soba. 😉

Charcoal Soba

I had the beef cutlet curry rice.
The beef was tender inside the crispy batter.

Curry Rice

It was a nice dinner. Looking back, we were going slow and clearing leave at the end of last year, most of us in the office are now working so hard to meet the various deadlines! Help!

Megumi Japanese Restaurant
Blk 106 Clementi St 12
Sunset Way
Singapore 120106

Tel: 6779 1411

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