Liu San @ Bukit Timah Plaza

Sis and I always do our grocery shopping at Fairprice Finest at Bukit Timah Plaza. Before doing our weekly ‘walk’ in the supermarket, we would usually grab dinner first. Dinner is usually a quick bite at Ming Jia Korean or Subway. It all depends on which is less crowded.

I have always wanted to try Liu San but sis says it’s not nice. She tried it once with our cousin. But I think her tastebuds must be something wrong the day she tried it. Why? Everytime we walk past, there’s always people eating and I told her, I want to try it.

We asked what’s their best sellers, the service staff said it’s always sold out by lunch. If we want to try them, come during lunch time. So, I had the Taiwan Braised Chicken with Rice. ($5.60) It’s not too bad. I like the taste of the braise sauce.

Braised Chicken with Rice

It comes with a bowl of pickles which I like. If you think the chicken is a salty, eat it with the pickles, it blends well.

Pickled Cucumbers

Sis had the Taiwan Beef Noodles Soup. ($6.80) The soup is very different. It is very “herby”. Definitely not what you will think it would taste like. Lots of fresh and / or dried herbs must have been used.

Beef Noodles

Sis and I shared this. Tako Wasabi (Wasabi Octopus Salad) ($6.50). It’s cold and very very wasabi hot! Be very careful when you eat this. It shoots right through your head. (Note: this costs more than my rice and it’s not that big. But its nice.)

Wasabi Octopus

The food here is not too bad. But what impressed us more than the food is their excellent service here. The moment we got seated, the service staff comes to you with hand sanitizers. She asked if we wanted to sanitize our hands before dinner! Wow..
 The service staff also makes sure that you know what you will be eating. When I ordered the chicken, she asked if I eat chicken skin. I was like “huh”? No one has asked me that before. I think it’s because the chicken has skin and some people don’t eat skin.

When we ordered the wasabi octopus, she stressed that it is very very ‘qiang4’ and asked if we used to eating wasabi. We said no problem!

We only had warm water and it was filled up very frequently too. The next table had a lady who was suddenly sniffing. (I thought she was crying, but sis said no lah) The service staff came with a box of tissue. Sis happen to also cough a bit (not on purpose) when eating the wasabi octopus and the service staff came with a box for her to pull out tissue too!

Sis said it was quite different from the last time she was here. So it was right for us to try it.

We would go back and try the other dishes, another choice for a quick meal before grocery shopping 😉

Liu San Taiwanese Delicacies
1 Jalan Anak Bukit
Bukit Timah Plaza
Singapore 588996

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