Feng Sheng Hainanese Chicken Rice @ Dover Food Centre

You are most probably going to say, ‘not again’?
Yes, we came here for chicken rice again. We felt like eating chicken rice!

It was 12 plus (peak lunch hour) and the tables were all full. But the lady ‘seems’ to recognise us. She got us a table! Benefits of being regular customers eh? She asked “bai ji or shao ji”? for 4 persons? With 2 vegetables? We said ok.

Probably Singapore’s fastest fast food! Before you know it, the chicken arrives.

Then the guy walks back with the ‘white chicken’.

With the bean sprouts…

Bean Sprouts

And the xiao bai cai.

Xiao Bai Cai You Cai

With 4 plates of rice. We did enjoy our food.
But not for long. The whole place is moving away. Probably by mid year. We did not ask if they are moving to the new place though.

Chicken Rice

The whole time we were sitting down. The drinks stall person keep asking if we wanted drinks. But we kept saying no. We wanted to eat fruits from the fruits stall.

The order is also fruits for 4 person. Our colleague who has become a regular customer placed the order. We were like wondering what will come! Atap seeds, guava, watermelon, pineapples, honey dew and papaya. All these for only $4.50!

Mixed Fruits Platter

We were a little mean not ordering drinks, although we were repeated asked if we wanted them. Our reason? The drink stall sells everything that gets people addicted. 1. Tobacco, 2. Coffee, 3. Tea, 4. Can sugar drinks. Ain’t it all addictive stuff?

Of course we chose the fruit stall.

Feng Sheng Hainanese Chicken Rice
Dover Market and Food Centre
Stall 01-133
33 Dover Road
Singapore 130033

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