Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe @ Anchorpoint

Our office mates wanted to celebrate a birthday for one colleague, but the colleague was too ‘shy’. Finally she relented and said she will join us for lunch. Her pick for the place for lunch was any Hong Kong Cafe kind of food.

We finally settled for Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe at Anchorpoint.

What did we have? The HK style ice milk tea in steel containers.

Ice Tea in a metal container

Super thick toast with butter and condensed milk. It was quite nice!

Super Thick Toast

We ordered individual items for each person and shared some.
These are what we had.

Instant Noodles with luncheon meat and sunny side up. The birthday girl’s lunch. Looks delicious eh?

Pasta with Luncheon Meat and Egg

Another colleague had the Black Pepper Steak with pasta. She seems to enjoy it too.

Pasta with Pepper Steak

I had Sweet and Sour Pork Chop with Pasta. I like the sweet and sour pork. It was tender and I think I like sweet and sour stuff. 😉

Pasta with Pork Chop

Two other colleagues had baked rice. Since they look the same, I just took one of it. We scrapped off the cheese top to show you pork chop rice. 😉

Baked Rice - Pork Chop

We shared a mushroom and cabbage dish.

Mushroom and Cabbage Dish

When we were going to pay the bill, one of the ‘salesperson’ came to sell us their ‘Peng You’ card. We told them I already had one, but did not bring it. She quickly asked if any of us had our birthday this month. We said it’s one of our colleague’s birthday.

Boy was she a good sales lady, she took the bill, circled this and that and said this will be free if you have the card, you get discounts, you get a gift too and some other things we did not catch. Before we knew it, it was assumed we wanted that card! She came back with the sign up form and our colleague got her birthday gift and she got treated lunch by the rest of us plus a discount card and vouchers for her own next visit. LOL…

Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe @ Anchorpoint
370 Alexandra Road
Anchorpoint #01-07/08
Singapore 159953
Tel: 6474 4498

Hours: Monday to Thursday – 11am to 2am, Friday, Saturday, Eve of PH – 11am to 3am ,Sunday – 11am to 2am

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