Ben & Jerry’s 2 Scoops 2 Scary

If you went to any Ben & Jerry’s outlets in Singapore last month, you would have seen posters like this one shown below. They were running a 2 Scoops 2 Scary contest. I did drop in a contest form. I was hoping I could win it.

Guess what? The PR folks from Ben & Jerry’s saw my blog post about it and they emailed me that I can follow them as an invited blogger! Yey!

2 Scoops 2 Scary

It’s Ben & Jerry’s Trick-and-Treat, so we did eat ice cream a few times. My first scoop was at Vivo City where it was the starting point. We were to vist 5 different outlets and then to Night Safari. 

At the third outlet which was the outlet at Dempsey, we had a quick dinner break. It was quite fun to see their staff dressed up in various costumes.

BJ Dempsey

The dinner is more like a ‘snack’. There was deep fried drumlets.

BJ Dempsey

And platters of bruschetta with different fillings and mini pies.
(so so only lah… I guess the main stuff was ice cream not these stuff)

BJ Dempsey

We all had a voucher to redeem a “Flower Bowl of Sundae”.
Now would you like your ice cream served by a princess or a witch?

BJ Dempsey

Think this was my 2nd or 3rd ice cream for the night.  I like my ice cream.

BJ Dempsey

The trip around was the different outlets were draggy. We can’t blame the organisers. It was pouring cats and dogs that night. Traffic in Singapore crawls whenever it rains. To go to The Cathay’s outlet, we had to pass through the traffic clogged Orchard Road. I think everywhere was packed with people because there was Halloween parties everywhere.

But we did have the company of local Moosicians Jack and Rai who followed us on the trip. We were in 2 different buses, but I got into the second bus because I was ‘slow’ but it was good because we had Jack and Rai in the bus. They entertained us by singing.

BJ Great World City

After trick and tricking at 5 outlets, where the 50 winners were playing games, we went to Night Safari.

We got to see the Ben & Jerry’s Flavor Graveyard. The most exciting part of the night was the Train of Terror ride. (Shhh, tell you a secret, it was my first time to Night Safari) I think Night Safari is really interesting. I would like to go there again!

BJ Night Safari

Thanks to the PR folks at Ben & Jerry’s for inviting me to the trip.

Oh, I found out something interesting. I met the Brand Champion of Ben & Jerry’s. Can you guess his name? His name was Ben! I wonder how many of their staff have names called Ben or Jerry.

If you would like view a pictorial essay of the whole night, click here to view it.

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