Nasi Lemak Buffet @ NUSS Kent Ridge Guild House

Was it “Eat Nasi Lemak Week” last week?

On Thursday I ate Nasi Lemak. On Friday, I had Nasi Lemak again! Friday’s Nasi Lemak was a Nasi Lemak Buffet! It was all because a friend who likes to eat rice wanted to go for it. He was buzzing me on msn since last month, when we found out it was Nasi Lemak buffet in September.

Nasi Lemak Buffet @ NUSS

5 of us went to the buffet. This was how I ‘tackle’ the buffet. Just a bit of everything. 3 cucumbers, 2 pieces of Ayam Masak Merah (I like this), 2 rings of sotong, 1 tiny sausage, some achar.

My Nasi Lemak

A piece of rendang (which was very nice), a piece of fried egg (which happen to taste very good too), a scoop of sambal mussels and the sambal chilli.

My plate of Nasi Lemak

Hehe… I took more ingredients on another plate. A fried fish, fried lao su fen, fish cakes, jiu hu eng chai, luncheon meat, fried chicken wing and hard boil egg.

When I finish eating them, I am already stuffed. I think it’s quite impossible to eat a lot for a Nasi Lemak buffet. 

The different condiments

We also had some Kuih Pai Tee. Beautiful isn’t it?

Kuih Pai Tee

Laksa is included as part of the buffet too. (the Laksa was nice!)


I certainly did not attempt to try everything. I don’t want the suffer the ‘i can’t sleep because i ate too much’ feeling. I just ate the things I felt like eating. 🙂

But our ‘rice friend’, plonked so much things on his plate! LOL.
Guess what? The next day he texted me and said, next time he’s not going for buffet at night. He could not sleep! He was feeling so bloated the whole night!

If you can stack it all in one plate

I realise that I did not eat most of the things he took on his plate.
Get a Guild House member to bring you in if you want to try it. 🙂

Not the best Nasi Lemak in town, our ‘rice friend’ said the rice was not fragrant enough. But if you are in for variety of dishes for your Nasi Lemak, then it’s worth coming. There are more things like Roti Jala and various stew that we had no more room in our stomach to try!

Cafe on the Ridge
NUSS- Kent Ridge Guild House
9 Kent Ridge Drive
Singapore 119241

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