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About a week ago, Momo and I met up with Zannnie, Zsolt, MadScientist and Neo. It’s the City Daily Photo bloggers meet up!

Zsolt’s from Budapest and maintains the Budapest Daily Photo. Zannnie maintains the other Singapore Daily Photo. Zannnie is Zsolt’s wife and has moved to Budapest. MadScientist, Ming (who could not make it for this dinner) and Neo now helps Zannnie by contributing to the Singapore Daily Photo. Did I just confused you? LOL…

Zsolt and Zannnie planned their visit way back and have been making arrangement with friends for meet ups and makans. She’s very very busy planning what to eat and who to meet. Her scheduled is packed even before she came back! Our dinner was arranged some time back and last Tuesday was her only slot that’s still free. haha..

Our meeting with her is to meet up and also to check off another food item from her list of things to eat. ๐Ÿ™‚ Zannnie got the privilege to choose the place and she chose Peramakan.

It was nice to finally meet the people we only know by nicknames! (ie Zsolt, Neo and MadScientist)

Here’s what we had for dinner.
Babi Ponteh. Most babi ponteh at other places cut their meat pieces very small, but the way they do it here is to have big pieces. Yumz.

Babi Ponteh

We also had Ayam Buah Keluak so that Zsolt get to taste how buah keluak tastes like. Zannnie said that people in Budapest are used to things with lots of spices. No problem for Zsolt at all!

Ayam Buah Keluak

The rendang here was really tender as well.

Beef Rendang

The Assam Fish. I realized I might be the only person eating most of this. The rest might not be fish lovers? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Ikan Assam

Good old Sambang Kangkong.

Sambal Kangkon

Udang Nanas. This is a very peranakan dish.

Zsolt likes it very much. Ya, he said he loved the shrimp. Ahh, people from Budapest also call prawns – “shrimps”. Our local context of the word shrimp always brings to mind only dried shrimp (hae bee) right?

Udang Nanas

The above dishes are all part of a set that we ordered. We could not decide what to eat and we were recommended to try the Set as it serves all Peramakan’s specialties.

The set came with any choice of dessert that you can find in the menu. We were told we could choose 8, because the set was meant for 8 people. No wonder we could not finish the dishes.

I think there are 10 kinds of desserts and we ordered almost everything! Will just show 5 of it. Too many photos makes you ‘jelak’ right? LOL…

The bubur hitam. I find it very nice.

Guess what Zsolt says it taste like? Chocolate pudding! Then we told him he should try the White Chocolate pudding too! You guessed it, the bubur terigu. LOL

Pulut Hitam

Zannnie’s craving durians. So We ordered the two desserts that has durian on it.
This is the Durian Pengat. She’s so happy eating it!

Durian Penyet

The ice kacang. Err. too bandung-ish.

Ice Kacang

The cendol. Very nice chendol. Gula melaka and santan (coconut milk) always go so well right?


The sago pudding. Not too bad, but the rest of the desserts seems more interesting. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Sago Pudding

Nice to have met Zannnie again. The last time we met was a few years back when she was still in Singapore. It has been some time since Zannnie moved to Budapest! Glad to have met MadScientist too. Found out he works just a few blocks from my office!

Thanks to MadScientist who paid for the dinner, insisting to treat us. The next time we meet up, it’s our turn ok? ๐Ÿ˜‰

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