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This was eaten last Saturday evening. After our french lunch and chicken rice, Momo and I was just too full to eat, but as a nice brother, we decided to call sis and asked if needed company for dinner. (although we had no intention of having dinner)

Sis said, if you wanna keep me company, you are most welcome to. So we did. We went to Tangs to meet her, and the girls just happily walked and shopped. For me, I did my usual walk at their Technology Bay. Seem that there has been some drastic reduction in the things they sell there. So empty! What happened?

The sales people at Tangs are always very nice. I was looking at something and the man said, if you are not in a hurry, come back on Wednesday or Thursday. There’s gonna be a 12% off for card members. I don’t know why, when the man said that, it just makes you makes you really happy that you shop in Tangs. Why ah?

After sis and momo are done with their looking around and shopping, sis said she is too tired to walk around, let’s just eat upstairs.

Island Cafe upstairs is always a nice place to go. So quiet, so dim and relaxing and it has a great view. Now with ION Orchard coming up, you can see the bright changing neon lights when you sit facing the windows. Somehow Orchard Road has moved up the ranks of Tokyo or New York with the bright lights!

Sis wanted something soupy, so she had the Beef Noodles. The Beef Noodles is not too bad, not the usual taste that you get though.

Beef Noodles

Momo wanted something light, and ordered the Stuffed Beancurd. Oh, we forgot the portions here are big. So here’s the big plate of stuffed beancurd to finish!

Stuffed Beancurd

I ordered the Ice Kachang. I think the ice kachang’s meant for 2 persons. It’s a huge bowl.
I kinda liked it. A little sweet but it’s meant to be sweet right?

I spotted barley in it. You seldom get barley in ice kachang and it was a nice bite.

Ice Kachang

Nice place to rest your feet after walking around Tangs. Oh, you can pay your meals here with the rebates in your Tangs credit card.

Oh ya, it’s Wednesday today. Today and tomorrow’s when Tangs is having the 12% off sale. 🙂
I wonder if we get 12% for meals?

Island Cafe
Tangs Orchard – 4th Floor
310/320 Orchard Road
Singapore 238864

Tel: 6737 5500

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