Romankan Yokohama @ Takashimaya Basement

It’s Takashimaya’s card member add an extra 15% off sale. Sis and Momo are stocking up their L’occitane moisturizers etc. (It’s the only time you get their stuff for 15% off)

Our younger sis is getting married in the UK. We will be attending her wedding there next week. So we asked her what she wants as a gift from her big bro and big sis. She said a memory foam pillow. A pillow? You want us to bring a pillow all the way from Singapore to London? Here’s the funny reason. Her future in laws got their son (her future husband) one memory foam pillow, but did not her one. She was a bit jealous that they did not get it for her. LOL…

So, don’t worry sis, your ever doting big bro and sis here got you a better pillow. Yours is an original Tempur instead.

For the rest reading this, if you want a Tempur, now’s the best time to get it from Taka. The Queen size L size pillow is usually $299. But they are having a $50 off promo, which makes it $249. If you are a taka card holder, you get 15% off the price at the payment counter. (Plus, if you are a Taka Platinum card holder, you get another 6% off in terms of rebates) So you get around $80 plus off these 4 days.

Anyway, back to food. We are busy shopping, walking around gets you hungry. We headed to the basement to look for a quick bite. We saw empty seats at Romankan Yokohama at Basement 2. With the maddening crowds, we just took the empty table.

Sis had the Rosu Katsu that comes in a pan. $15

Momo also had the Rosu Katsu, but off the pan. LOL $13

I had the chicken katsu. $11.50

They were all served like this.

Sis was not particularly impressed with it. I remember it to be better too the last time I was here. Maybe it’s not the cook’s day? Too busy because of the big traffic flow these few days during the sale?

The katsu were all nicely deep fried, moist inside, crispy outside. But it just had something missing and we could not figure out what. Anyway, we were too preoccupied with shopping.

Romankan Yohohama
Takashimaya Shopping Centre
391 Orchard Road

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