148 Curry Rice @ Bukit Timah Food Centre

Someone left a comment on this blog, sugggesting that I should try the Curry Rice at this food centre. I finally did, last Sunday.

There sure was a long queue. The queue was fast moving, so that’s good.

I had 2 vegetables, 1 mushroom and one curry chicken wing. I think it was $3.
As it was ‘Curry Rice’, a generous amount of curry was poured over it.
The vegetables were nicely cooked, chicken curry was almost ‘melt in your mouth’ because it was so soft. It was tasty, but a bit messy. LOL…

Do you realize that there are people around you that will never order ‘mix rice’? It is not that they do not like to eat them, but it clashes with their personality! I know of a few people who is like this.

They take a look at it, think that it is so messy, and just could not stand it. The only way they can have mix rice is to request that they have the food separated into individual plates. It will then look neat and proper.

Just wondering.. How many of you are like that too?

I am one who likes this mess, I can scoop up a spoonful of rice and taste all kinds of flavours in it. Doesn’t it gives you satisfaction? haha…

Anyway, the address:

148 Curry Rice
Stall 148
Bukit Timah Food Centre
116 Upper Bukit Timah Road
Singapore 58817

12 thoughts on “148 Curry Rice @ Bukit Timah Food Centre”

  • Hahaha. . .interesting observation. I don’t mind mess, as long as food is tasty and yummy. But yes, I have read of a person who would make sure that each dish is separated properly on a plate before eating.

  • I like the mess more. But for photography sake sometimes I ask for individual plates lol. And I’m certain they charge more for that.Dang! You just reminded me of yesterday’s lunch. The mix rice stall I wanted to eat at was closed! Was going to blog about it too haha. Ended up eating bad lunch.

  • This stall has a “minimum order” rule leh – you must order at least 3 dishes per packet of rice. There was once I was so addicted to their pork cutlets. They sell out pretty early, so there’s no hope of getting any by supper time ๐Ÿ™

  • I also dont like to eat mix rice… I find it very messy and I also think that the food is not so fresh if it is cooked in large batches and put into metal trays waiting for people to come and eat. Reminds me a little of prison food… but that’s just me! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • first time comment but long time lurker!i definitely appreciate it if the uncle/aunty can put the food nicely on the plate instead of dumping and piling everything on top of the rice. i too rarely eat mix rice outside as i always have trouble choosing which dish i want. so rather eat mee or soup thats easier to decide =D

  • I am one of them…lol. Unless if I am alone then I will mix the rice with the dishes otherwise I prefer the dishes to come separate with the rice. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • alicia,my sis is one of them! LOLi have aunts that are like that too. ice,sometimes after getting bad lunch you will appreciate good food right?LIS,is there min order ah? i was so hungry, i will definitely order 3 or more! you like curry rice for supper ah?BeeBee,My sis is so happy she’s not alone, now that there’s so many people like her, incl your dad ๐Ÿ˜‰Lots of curry is nice right?Lyrical Lemongrass,There are lots of obsessive compulsive people in the world. I can imagine that you arrange everything in your wardrobe neatly as well. I had a housemate long ago that measure his t-shirt when he folds it!!!BSG,i love my nasi kandar / nasi padang. thinking of it makes me hungry!Chocolate Reindeer,Long time no see! I only have mix rice for lunch and I usually have it at around 11 am. That’s the only time the food’s freshly cooked. After 2 pm, errrr…. avoid…Katherine,welcome lurker! hehe…there’s some stalls who are super neat. forgot where it was. ๐Ÿ™‚alicesg,if it’s 2 person, I realise that requesting for food to be on separate plates, you might get more food, because you pay more for it. so it’s equal. payUcash,the curry was quite thick enough. hehe.

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