New Garo Japanese Restaurant @ Chun Tin Road

This was Sunday’s lunch (before we went to Old Town). Aunt and Sis says this place is not bad, moreover we were hungry and hot and wanted a place with air conditioning, so we came in here.

We were seated in a long table, so I only took some photos, the ones at the other end is too far from my reach. I am only showing what I ate and what sis ate.
I had the Saba Shio & Katsu Furai Set Meal. $15.

Yup, I was in the mood for Saba again. I think a few more times and I will stop eating Saba for a few months. LOL

I think it was quite a filling set with the Saba plus a big piece of fried meat. Yum.

Sis had the Hiyashi Chuka Ramen. $12.
I like her ramen but she did not enjoy hers. She ate my food instead, while I ate hers.
There was something inside that made it a little bitter.
The set lunches are quite reasonably priced. It’s also big in portion. Eg. Katsu/Oyako Don & Unagi that bro had was $16. Katsu/Oyako Don & Sashimi that bro’s gf had was $16.
Quick service place and service is not too shabby too. I was quite full for a long time with its generous portions.
New Garo Japanese Restaurant
6 Chun Tin Road,
Singapore 599593
Tel: 6467 8905

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