Pai Ku Mian yet again @ NUS Science Canteen

Not sure if you all like to go to the same stall to eat the same thing. We realise that we do! A few colleagues and I, when we feel like having lots of meat and have it cheap, we head to the Noodle Stall at the NUS Science Canteen.

Though they have also joined the rest of stalls in Singapore in raising prices, it is still a big portion in comparison to the price we pay elsewhere.

Yes, we are eating the same thing over and over, but we try to make it a bit different each time. One thing though, we always seem to ask for ‘kuey teow’. This just happens to be our lunch few days ago, and realised we ordered the same thing, but it is still quite different.

Dpuk likes to add extra veg and have a ‘lu dan’. (soy stewed egg)
He does not like to add chilli or the tomato sauce in it. Just plain old soy sauce. He says this is how he likes it.

For me, I think I eat enough eggs so I usually omit the eggs.

But I am now fond of the tomato sauce that they will add in if you do not ask for chilli. Somehow it gives some tangy taste to the noodles. (I used to hate the tomato in it) I love the green chilli and a scoop of garlic to go with it. The scoop of garlic just makes it taste so good! I give it a good stir and enjoy. (Without any addition it cost $2, usually around 5-6 pieces of meat)

‘Wire’ another colleague likes to add in veg and ‘lu dan’ too. The difference is that he likes it very very spicy. If I am not wrong, he already has the ‘sambal’ added to his noodles. He adds in more potent ‘chilli padi’ as well, plus the garlic.

How do you like your noodles? All dark soy, tomato sauce or spicy chilli?

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