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Sister’s Rojak @ Lau Pa Sat Festival Market

Suppose to post other food photos that our friend Mag had with us, but the photos all turned outl blur because we were sitting in the open air and there’s not enough lighting.

But, we did take a photo of the Rojak that we ordered at the stall before walking back to where we were sitting. 😉

Few week’s ago, we got to the know about this Rojak stall in Lao Pa Sat that is apparently quite famous. It’s called Sister’s Rojak. (Btw, there’s a Brother’s Rojak in Clementi!, wonder if anyone wants to open Parent’s Rojak or Cousin’s Rojak. haha)

We found it nice, and we had guests with us, we went to buy it.

Since there’s so many of us, we had the $6 version. We were told the $6 version will include the sotong.

Not bad. The sauce is enough to cover everything nicely. The consistency of the sauce is also ok. I am surprise I ate ‘nangka’ / jackfruit in it too!

This time I got their business card.

Sister’s Rojak
Lao Pa Sat Stall 34
Tel: 6220 1989
Or call Ah Hua at 9456 4914

4 thoughts on “Sister’s Rojak @ Lau Pa Sat Festival Market”

  • mama bok,hmmm i never thought of that! maybe i will just tapow rojak and eat with rice one day. it does sounds good. 🙂nic,yes it is! went there again few nights ago, (after this post) i got to talk to the boss and ask if they are related to Brothers Rojak in Clementi, they said no. LOL..

  • Hello..I happened to be the daughter of Sister’s Rojak..Thanks for the comments..Really thankful to Keropok man for this post..We will go on to serve more tasty rojak to u all..Anyway, Keropok Man, perhaps u could tell me tat U are Keropok Man when u visit my stall the next time??=)

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