Old Mother Hen Traditional Herbal Soup @ Sims Ave

Yesterday, sis and I had lunch with our friends from our hometown, Batu Pahat. It’s interesting how nowadays we keep in contact via Facebook and we can even arrange food outings too!

It was like event to look forward to. A place with a name like Old Mother Hen, (Lao Kuey Boo in Hokkien) it just sounds unique/tickled enough to look forward to right?

Southernoise has been talking about eating Fallopian Tubes! Errr. OK. Sounds a bit out of the ordinary, but the rest of us want to know what it looks like and how it taste. LOL…

This is a photo of the shop across the street. Took a snap of this while waiting for cars to clear.

First dish we had was the KL Style Hokkien Noodle. $12.
The noodles topped with loads of crispy stuff! Sis and I loved this. Black slithering noodles down your throat with bits of crunchy lard.

The next dish, Fallopian Tubes. $12.
If you were wondering like me, “which animal?, which animal?” This dish was made possible by the sacrifice of a pig.

I let everyone eat it first before I put this piece in my mouth. LOL It’s the kind of food that you have reservations eating if you know what it is.

I ate one and only one piece. It’s crunchy, just like eating pigs intestine actually. The sweet and spicy sauce kinda goes well with it. I ate more onions and spring onions instead. ;-p

Another dish that I liked. The Homemade Tofu. $16.
It was tasty and the meat toppings on it had loads of ‘crunchies’ too! (Am getting an overdose of crunchies already!)

Next was the vegetable. The boss recommended us the Kailan. $12. They prepared it in a 2 in 1 way. The vegetable stems is the way how you expect kailan to be cooked. The leafy foliage above was sliced thinly and deep fried and topped with meat floss.

I can’t help laughing while I type this. I am reminded of some people who permed their hair! All fluffy and light on top. Hehe…

Next was the Fish Head we had. $28.
It sure was tasty. Fresh fish always taste good! The sauce was spicy. It was like spicy and savoury, something very sambal-ish.

We were promised that it would not be any ‘loco’ fish. (hard flesh). It it is, he will substitute the dish with another fish.

The next carbo dish was the Claypot Rice. $12.
I am not a huge fan of claypot rice, but this taste quite decent. The yellow ball in the middle is salted egg yoke.

The dish for its namesake. Old Mother Hen Shi Quan. (Ten Complete) $6.
It’s a ‘ladies soup’. It taste quite ok actually. Guys, sometimes it’s just in your head that you would not be able to swallow it. Think of the dark version of Bak Kut Teh. Now you will love it. It taste quite good. It leaves a sweet and bitter aftertaste.

We had complimentary fruits. It looks like a lobster doesn’t it? They sure are creative making use of the watermelon skin! The saw the owner Jimmy walked directly across the street and came back with the watermelon. If you order to a certain amount, he provides complimentary fruits.

We had 6 people, not 7 as in the receipt. If you can read chinese, you will understand. ;-P

Looking forward to the next outing with these bunch of friends.
Two friends are also food bloggers. Hop over to their website to read about what they think.
Camemberu & Southernoise.

Old Mother Hen Traditional Herbal Soup 十全老母鸡小吃店
136 Sims Ave (between Lorong 17 and 19)
Open daily 11am – 2.30pm; 5pm – 1.30am
Tel: 9128-2793 (Jimmy’s handphone)

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