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Ministry of Food の My Izakaya @ Bugis Junction

Last Saturday night, Momo and I got to meet up with Teckiee and XLB, food blogger friends from KL. We were suppose to meet at Ma Maison as recommended by Uncle Nic. (but he was not here, he had to go back to KL)

But… due to super long queue and non booking, we had to change venue instead. The 5 other new friends who was there earlier, found MOF. The kind people at MOF arranged for a table of 7 amidst the peak hour traffic.

It was interesting to finally meet people whose blog we read. We were listening to stories of KL good bloggers. Wow, they do have a good life there. They have almost weekly food outings!

Anyway, here’s what we ate. We ordered some sort of mains for each person, and share other stuff, so we can try more things. 🙂

This is one of the maki that we shared. We had one salmon cutlet maki and one karaage maki. $8.80 each.

This is the wasabi seafood salad for 3pax. $7.80
When the wasabi sauce is poured over, it is quite delicious. If the wasabi is more hair raising it would have been even better. :-p

This is the seafood toji set. $18.80.
I am confused, I can’t remember who ate what. We were all busy chatting!

But I do remember what I had. This is the Tonkotsu Ramen $8.80 that I had.
(I think I prefer the black pork version at TomTon :-p )

The Tan-Tan Ramen. $8.80
Momo had this.

This is the Seafood Cold Ramen $9.80 that Teckiee and another friend had.
(There was a few other of teckiee’s friends. They have been eating all day it seems)

The conversation was better than the food. LOL.
The desserts here are much better. Look out for it tomorrow.

Ministry of Food の My Izakaya (Bugis Junction)
200 Victoria Street
#02-45 Bugis Junction
Singapore 188021
Tel: 6338 6466

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