Megumi Japanese Restaurant @ Sunset Way

Yesterday another colleague at the other end of campus said let’s go Sunset Way, see see what we can eat there. Hey, there’s a direct bus there, and takes only a few minutes, so why not?

We walked around and found that almost all the places are closed except for 3 or 4 shops. It’s a nite time place, not an afternoon makan destination. hehe..

Either HK Cafe or Japanese, we picked the Jap. Why? We think it’s the same shop that appeared in ieatishootipost. (checking back, it is!)

It’s we think the smallest shop amongst the rows of shops there. But it has a huge al-fresco place outside. You can see why card has discounts here ๐Ÿ™‚

I had to take this. It’s my middle chinese name! haha..

We ordered individual meals, but we shared this. 2 rolls of very nice sushi, comes in a very nice glass platter too. Inside out maki rolls. (is it called uramaki?)

Salmon Uramaki. Looks nice eh? Taste good too!

This is actually beef! The mix of ingredients takes good when you put the whole thing in your mouth!

One colleague had this. Did not get the name of this dish, but it’s unagi on top of tofu and mushroom soup.

It comes with this rice. Hmm the rice looks long grain ya?

Another colleague ordered udon, think that’s chicken right?

Another colleague and I ordered this. The Unagi bento set. I have been having lots of unagi these few weeks!

This is what another colleague had. Looks like Ramen right?

and it comes with fried chicken. ;-p

This post is a bit too long, too many photos. Oops…

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