Rong Guang BBQ Seafood @ Corner Ulu Pandan Rd / Clementi Rd

Sat night, sis had this urge to have supper, and said want to go to ‘Big Drain’ to eat. Big Drain is the referring to the Ulu Pandan River. haha… (This same place, I know some Pine Grove residents call it Big Tree instead, you tend to give nicknames to shop based on something there right?)

Anyway, this is what was ordered. This place used to serve Keropok, aiya, they have since changed it to Achar since some time ago.

People that come here always order the Crayfish. You got to try it!

The mantou that’s fried. I personally prefer steamed mantou.

Also, the Mee Goreng here is a hot favourite too!

We also ordered a veg, but it did not turn out ok on the camera and I only took 1 shot. 🙁

You can’t miss this place, it’s at the junction of Ulu Pandan Road and Clementi Road. Lots of parking.

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  • Hi, I live nearby to this place and whenever I go there I will order their seafood fried rice (S$6) and Pai Gu Wang (porkribs) which is very delicious for someone who isnt much of a poultry fan like myself. Enjoy!

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