Shi Ji Noodle Stall @ Seah Im Food Centre

Few days ago, a colleague was bugging us to go to Seah Im. He wants to have Lor Mee. We resisted for a few days, but we relented after a few days. haha…

Our food guy die die want to eat from this stall. Shi Ji Noodle Stall.

All from the above stall, this is the Duck Noodle.

This is the Lor Mee.

I ate this instead, Tomyam Kuey Teow. It’s actually quite nice! Spicy enough and totally shiok!

One thing about Seah Im is that it is super super hot! I think the fans there should not be made to point at humans. The air from the fans are super hot! Sit away from blowing fans! That’s a big tip!

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