Nasi Lemak, Avocado Juice @ Alexandra Village Food Centre

Last Thursday, one colleague wanted to restring his badminton racket. So off we went to Alexandra Village Food Centre to have lunch.

We walked around, and not knowing what to eat, we saw a nasi lemak stall, and thought why not? There was not queue, but suddenly, a long queue formed.

Anyway, it was clearing quite fast, and we ordered the nasi lemak. We took the Royal Set. This is how it looks like. The egg was fried on the spot when ordered. The rice is different from the normal rice right? The luncheon meat and sambal is hidden in this picture.

Another colleague offered to buy us drinks. She ordered Avocado Juice. There are two stalls selling the same thing and you can see fierce competition. Both are good. It’s your choice which stall you prefer 🙂

Have a great weekend!

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