Megumi Japanese Restaurant @ Sunset Way

It’s another birthday celebration. This time it’s our cousin’s birthday.
We had the celebration lunch at Megumi Japanese Restaurant at Sunset Way.

This was the Deluxe Sashimi Set. $80. It was good!

Deluxe Sashimi

It was a mix of different kinds of sashimi except for salmon. No salmon stock in Singapore that week! But we noticed there was salmon belly though. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Deluxe Sashimi

The Kuruma Ebi Ramen. $15.80
The prawns were huge prawns. Our cousin liked this ramen.

Kurume Ebi Ramen

This was the Karaage Shishamo $6

Karaage Shishamo

This was the Tori Karaage Ramen $11.80

Tori Karaage Ramen

The chicken karaage looks a bit ‘dark’. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Tori Karaage Ramen

This was the Katsu Curry $9.80
Ok lah. I think the katsu was a bit too ‘done’. But the curry was nice.

Katsu Curry

This UFO Maki $12 tasted rather nice.

UFO Maki

The Unagi Ishi Nabe $13.80
This came in a hot stone pot. It took a long time for this dish to be served though. But it was worth the wait.

Unagi Ishi Nabe

Happy Birthday dear cousin!

Megumi Japanese Restaurant
Blk 106 Clementi St 12
Sunset Way
Singapore 120106

Tel: 6779 1411

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