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Remember that I bought this Xin Wang “Peng You” card on time ago? It was way back in September! On the day I got it, I used the 15% off and whatever offer I was entitled to on the day of purchase.

But I still had a 1 for 1 main meal and a $10 voucher. I got to use the vouchers before it expires! So, Momo and I went to a Xin Wang near her workplace. There’s a Xin Wang at Raffles Link. (at the underground mall, where it used to be Shoduko)

We were thinking of using the 1 for 1 main meal voucher. So the typical kiasu syndrome crept in. We wanted to maximise the value, so we ordered the more expensive mains. The two rice dishes at $7.80 was the dearer ones. (The mains it seems are not very expensive here)

Momo had the Chai Por Pork Rice. Below the pork is a sunny side up. It’s the runny yolk kind! Oh yummy! Momo said it’s not too bad, just a little too oily was her complaint.

Chai Por Pork with Rice

I had the Yakiniku Beef with Rice. It also had a sunny side up below it. Oh yes, the runny yolk mixed with the beef is nice. The beef was tender and not overcooked. It has onions that I like.

Both of us find it quite filling. I think it’s because we don’t usually eat a lot of rice.

Yakiniku Beef with Egg and Rice

I tried their homemade barley with black pearls previously and like it, so I ordered it again. Momo had the same thing.

Homemade Barley with Pearls

Guess what? When we wanted to use the voucher, we were told the 1 for 1 voucher is only valid from Sundays to Thursdays. It was Friday. “Alamak!”.

We were told we could use the $10 voucher though. The total meal was $23 incl of service charge and GST. With the voucher, it was only $13. Not too bad right? For a cheapo meal out. LOL. Now I still got the 1 for 1 voucher. Hmmm…

Xin Wang Taiwan Cafe
1 Raffles LInk
One Raffles Link
Singapore 039393

Tel: 6371 9542

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