Tang Yuan @ home

While everyone has Tang Yuan the day before, where were we? I can’t really remember. I think it was last minute Christmas gift shopping. haha.

We had our Tang Yuan the next day. We were all busy in church for Christmas Rehearsals, so we could not have it for dinner at Aunt’s. She said, no worries, just come over for supper. Tang Yuan Supper.

These are frozen ones from the supermarket. hehe…
Only the soup is home made. If you are wondering how to make it, it’s very simple. 2 ingredients only: brown sugar and lots of ginger.

When asked how many do we want?
I said 3 is enough for me. (Ya right. In the end I ate like 6 or 7 of it!)

I had 3 (initially)

Some started with more. Nope, the person sure did not stop at 4 too!

Some had 4

The youngest at home said, I just need 2. Just as you have guessed. She ate more than 2!

Some only like 2

Hmm. We eat it not because of any significant meaning. We eat it just because we like to eat it. Sis and bro especially loves Tang Yuan. But bro is in UK now, wonder if he ate any this time?

We enjoy sitting on the table talking and eating. It was even more fun when we were trying to guess what type of fillings we got. I like peanut ones.

Oh, sis and bro over the years have tried almost every single brand of Tang Yuan in the supermarket. Their verdict is that NTUC Fairprice’s own house brand taste the best! The only thing is that it does not come with the soup. But as sis loves to eat this, what she does is to have a cup of hot ginger tea in replacement of the soup!

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