Lao Beijing @ Tiong Bahru Plaza

We were suppose to have a Care Group meeting, but at the last minute, (1.5 hours before our usual meeting time,) we realise so many people could not make it. Since only 4 could make it, and we end up meeting for dinner instead. We treated it as a belated birthday treat for sis.

We found ourselves walking into Lao Beijing at Tiong Bahru. Somehow we ended up here, we have not been to Tiong Bahru Plaza for the longest time.

We were promptly seated and this little plate of pickled cucumber was served. Pickled cucumber always taste nice isn’t it? The water content extracted by salt and it becomes crunchy and appetizing.

Cucumber Pickles

Yes, we know LBJ’sย  famous dishes includes many deep fried stuff and also Peking Duck, we did not have those. We tried to pick the healthier options. You think it’s possible? Probably. ;-p

Sliced Pork with garlic sauce.
We all liked this appetizer dish. Their garlic sauce is nice and this is mostly lean pork, so it’s healthier right?

Sliced Pork with Garlic Sauce

We had a soup too. Healthy Soup too.
Some of you might have seen the Sakura Chicken with Cordyceps being sold in some fairprice outlets. We decided to try the prepared version here instead.

Oooo. The soup’s nice. Double boiled soup is usually nice right? You should try it if you visit them. There was also some jellied stuff inside the soup. Might be fish maw. We did not ask ๐Ÿ˜‰

Double Boiled Sakura Chicken Soup

Sis wanted the Xiao Long Bao, so had one steamer of it.
The XLB here is ok lah. It was nice but there was not much ‘liquid’ inside, so there’s no ‘fun’ of breaking it and seeing the liquid flow out. ๐Ÿ™‚

Xiao Long Bao

We were tempted by the server asking us if we wanted their signature Peking Duck (no, it’s eating skin), their Beijing Style Sweet and Sour Fish (no, it’s deep fried), etc… (we had self control eh?)

So we settled for a chicken dish instead. We tried the spiciest of all the chicken dishes. Can’t remember the name, but this dish has lots of red and green chillies with diced chicken. Chilli is suppose to help you loose weight right? It was fiery but nice though.

Spicy Chicken

We had also their home made signature braised bean curd dish.
Not too bad too. I think also everyone’s tofu dishes taste almost similar, and can’t get any more special. (Do you think so too?)

Specialty Braised Beancurd

This is something funny. We know this is a Beijing style restaurant and when we tried to order a veg dish, we asked for something totally un-Beijing. We asked if they had Fan Su Ye. They must have been trained well. They politely replied that Fan Su Ye’s more of a local vegetable dish and it’s not on the menu and quickly offered to ask us to try some of the Beijing style vegetable dishes without making you feel ‘silly’.

So we had the black fungus with lily bulbs with seasonal veg dish.
Black Fungus lowers cholesterol, lily bulbs supposedly good for the lungs, esp if you are coughing.

Sautรฉed Black Fungus with Lily Bulbs and Seasonal Greens

That’s our healthier selection of food. Was it healthy? Comparably healthier than if we ordered other dishes.

But we were surprised when we paid the bill though. We paid with the Standard Chartered card and got 15% off for spending a certain amount. We also got vouchers that’s equivalent to our spending amount! Many places are doing this right? Enticing you to come back again.

(Haha if this sounds as if it’s paid advertorial, no, it’s not, we paid for the meal ourselves. The bill was around $120, but ended up paying around $100 and we got $100 vouchers!)

We paid using a Standard Chartered Card, so at the end of the month, we are expecting to get a 15% rebate in our bill! You must seen the Big Fish and Small Fish advert on TV right? So we thought it was a rather nice discount. 15% + 15% off, plus equivalent dining vouchers. The first meal will be ‘technically’ free if we come back and use the vouchers.

Lao Beijing @ Tiong Bahru
302 Tiong Bahru Road
#02-12 Tiong Bahru Plaza
Singapore 168732

Tel: 6376 4466

2 thoughts on “Lao Beijing @ Tiong Bahru Plaza”

  • “We asked if they had Fan Su Ye. They must have been trained well. They politely replied that Fan Su Ye's more of a local vegetable dish and it's not on the menu and quickly offered to ask us to try some of the Beijing style vegetable dishes without making you feel 'silly'.”

    That's really good of them. I care a lot about customer service, and I can totally forgive mediocre dishes if the service is excellent. ๐Ÿ™‚

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