Thai Central @ Upper Bukit Timah Road

We have been wanting to try out this Thai food place at Chun Tin for sometime, but never went in. But we finally did went in last week. Why did we take so long to try it out? It has been opened for a few months and it consistently has people eating there! So we thought we should give it a try!

Thai Central @ Upper Bkt Timah

The mango salad. The sourish mango with the dressing makes it very appetizing.

Mango Salad

The Beef Phad Thai was quite nice too.

Phad Thai

The fried fish cakes.

Fried Fish Cakes

The Fried Tofu. Our cousin seemed to love it, and we ordered another helping.
(OK, I am not a fried tofu person, so I can’t comment)

Fried Tofu

The Seafood Green Curry was not too bad. It was great with fluffy white rice.
Actually, I think curry taste good with anything. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Seafood Green Curry

This is the Black Olive Rice. It was quite fragrant and I love it. I like the sauce on the side too!

Olive Fried Rice

For curiosity sake, we thought we would try their Tomyam Fried Rice too.
Uncle and Aunt thinks it is nice. I think my brain’s wired to say tomyam only goes well with soup. I need to rewire it I think. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Tomyam Fried Rice

This is after we finished our food. We saw on the menu that their pandan chicken is a must try on the menu. We thought we should try it since we are here.

Oh yes, it’s not bad. Firstly, it’s not overfried, so it’s not dry. Secondly, it has this satay-ish taste to it. You eat it and it feels like having a nice chunk of well marinated satay meat. Good.

Pandan Chicken

Aunt chatted with the cashier while making payment. We found out they have a Thai chef. Boss is local. Maybe next time we shall come back and try their desserts.

Thai Central
16 Chun Tin Road
Singapore 599603.

Tel: 6469-4862
Hours: 11.30 am to 10.30 pm daily.

7 thoughts on “Thai Central @ Upper Bukit Timah Road”

  • Hubby n I r fans of Thai Express ! The one at Bishan seems to be doing a brisk trade.

    Tony Roma also serves a nice thai salad with andive n crunchy bits of peanut sauce. I hv not been able to re-create it here *sigh*

  • Meg,
    Bring Ben and yourself to Singapore. Are you going to Japan via Singapore soon?

    Try a few more times, maybe you will get the re-create it exactly soon!

    Ya, Thai Express has pretty decent and quick food.

    That's pieces of chicken in the olive rice. Speaking of garlic, i ate 5 cloves in some crab dish I had last nite with sis. hehe…

    Quite OK. Eg Rice dishes around 8 or 9 I think. And there's no GST.

    The sign at their door says, no pork, no lard, no gst! haha..

  • Thought that it's slightly pricy for the portions though. Not very big. Did you order the Tom Yam soup? It's like ThaiEx's. The clear kind. But the bowl a bit small…

  • Benita,

    Ya ya, the clear tom yam's potent. I choked on the first mouth. Did not learn from ThaiEx's experience. haha..

    Price wise. Their prices I thought was ok compared to the other Thai places.

    For cheap places, I like the quick and fast Tasty Thai Hut at the Food Centre! ๐Ÿ™‚

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