Mee Tai Mak @ NUS Science Canteen

Have not had any post from the usual very economical food that colleagues and I have for our lunch. You know you can have so many combination of food from the sale stall. While I was deciding, I suddenly thought of the Lo Shi Fen / Mee Tai Mak that I had at a place called “Canteen” too.

This Mee Tai Mak at this canteen is 7 times cheaper though. LOL…

My order to the uncle selling was: “Lao Su Fen, Gan De, Niang Kuai, Chan Chan”.
(Mee Tai Mak noodles, Dry Version, $2 (which is the large version of it), Mixed. )

Mixed (chan1 chan1) is for those who wants to have almost all the ingredient you can find on display counter at the stall. It’s a pick of a tiny bit of everything. 1 fishball, a few ngor hiong slices, 1 wanton, 1 piece of fried wanton, few pieces of mushrooms, few pieces of char siu, few pieces of braised pork, some minced pork, etc.. Always looks satisfying!

Mee Tai Mak - Niang Kuai Chan Chan

For those who wondered what is “lao su fen” / “mee tai mak” / “niao zhi sai”.
It’s whitish fat and short noodles.

The mixed up Mee Tai Mak

Noodle Stall
NUS Science Canteen
National University of Singapore
Kent Ridge Campus

3 thoughts on “Mee Tai Mak @ NUS Science Canteen”

  • Greetings from Canada:

    Haven't been here for a while because the cakes and ice cream photos aren't too exciting. I'm here more for oriental/exoctic food. But I read about nyonya cakes and haven't seen any blogs featured them.

    Anyway, this Mee Tai Mak is an interesting post because I have never heard of Mee Tai Mak. But it looked delicious!


  • Greetings from Canada as well.. hahaha.. didn't know there were so many reading from the western hemisphere.

    I love Mee Tai Mak.. especially when they use it in laksa! Unfortunately, hard to get this kind of noodle here in the supermarkets.

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