Lunch @ Holland Village Food Centre

Quick post today. Today our lunch was at Holland Village Food Centre. All of us walked around wondering what to eat. In the end, one colleague ate the Economic Bee Hoon, another Char Kuey Teow, another Beef Noodles.

This is his beef noodles. He said it’s very nice. It’s as nice as the beef noodles you get opposite at Crystal Jade but half the price. $4 ๐Ÿ˜‰

Beef Noodles

I ended up eating at this stall, I can’t seem to find the name of the stall. Do you see it?

Is there a name for this stall?

I ate here before. It’s not super nice food, but it’s rather quick and I think the ‘uncle’ is quite funny. He jokes with you. I had ‘San Bei Ji’. It comes with rice and a fried egg. The uncle said you should add in their sambal. He opened a container that was covered in front of the cash machine and yes the sambal thing was quite nice.

Rice, San Bei Chicken and a fried egg.

The above eaten at:
Holland Village Food Centre

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