Craving for CKT…

Every now and then, I suddenly have a craving for Char Kuey Teow. But I won’t go all the way to somewhere far away to satisfy it. When you reach there, you might already have lost your appetite. haha…

This was a simple CKT at a coffee shop near my home. Good enough to satisfy temporary cravings for carbo. This was dinner some time last week when I just wanted fried carbo with black sauce. LOL…

Char Kuey Teow

Very busy today that I did not have time for lunch. Meetings after meetings and trying to solve so many problems. Lunch today was only at 5 pm! With lunch so late, I did not have dinner. I just ate something from the fridge just now.

Colleague went for porridge buffet today! (and I was hungry….)

7 thoughts on “Craving for CKT…”

  • just out of concern..
    do eat something before u go into meetings in future. or, keep some snacks or biscuits at work. i suppose u are allowed to bring a hot drink like milo into the meeting room..

    ur CKT looks good indeed!

  • Oh real neat, calling it CKT. Now hubby can easily get around the name without twisting his tongue when asking for char-kueh-cheow … yes, he has a strange way of saying it – haha

    I really missed the texture of white kway teow which is not available here. I susbstitute it with spaghetti pasta. Hubby often laments the lack of the fragrant lard bits n lap cheong. Our supply ran out after 2 months home from SG *sigh*

  • Camemberu,
    When you compile a list, we all go ya?

    I think CKT is something that we eat since young and it’s still one of our fav food ya..

    I drank a packet of UHT milo from the fridge, but got hungry very fast. Thanks for your concern. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Shh.. can’t say….

    CKT is easier isn’t it? You should record it down and play it over and over for him to listen till he get it right. haha…

    Next time bring back a bigger supply. Or when friends or relo visit, ask them to bring!

    Bee Yinn,
    It’s the Southern Malaysia / Singapore version. People here like black sauce. Very different from the Penang version right? ๐Ÿ™‚

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