Bengawan Solo @ West Mall

You can find Bengawan Solo almost everywhere in Singapore.

So, what’s so special about this branch of Bengawan Solo?
It has a sitting area where you can try the kueh-kueh muih-muih that’s on sale.

I found out a few days ago from my aunt, that many people come here to have their Cendol.

Bengawan Solo @ West Mall

So I came here with my Uncle and Aunty to have cendol after doing some grocery shopping. (Bengawan Solo in West Mall is just in front of Shop N Save)

Dessert photos are difficult to take. Things are all hidden under the ice shavings.

What you can see here is that the shaved ice’s topped with gula melaka that looks so rich and sweet. To add a hint of old times, they are using those olden style metal spoons too!

The Cendol’s $2.50.


Depending on your style of eating. Some people like to mix the whole bowl up immediately. Others like to slowly ‘discover’ the treasure inside. They nibble bits of ice shavings slowly.

We like slowly digging the ice and revealing the cendol slowly. Here you see some cendol appearing….


There’s also a new dessert that’s on promotion. Ice Avocado. $2.80 (on promo price)
The ice shaving’s covered with chocolate sauce and bandung.

Ice Avocado

The hidden treasures below the ice shavings are:
– chunks of avocado
– pieces of nangka
– plus other stuff that I forgot. LOL..

Ice Avocado

Not sure if other Bengawan Solo stalls have Cendol.
But this branch at West Mall has. Anyone knows other branches that have it?

Bengawan Solo
West Mall (Bukit Batok)
1 Bukit Batok Central Link
Singapoe 658713

Hours: 10am – 10pm

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