Thai Express @ West Coast Plaza

From yesterday’s post, you can guess that we went to West Coast Plaza for lunch. We were wondering where to go, and somehow someone said Thai Express, and all of us just nodded and walked towards the shop. LOL…

The complimentary papaya salad when you tell them you are paying by a DBS card. We asked if we could swap it for something else, the answer is no. ๐Ÿ˜›

Papaya Salad

Here’s what the whole group of us ate:
“Puk” had the basil chicken. It arrived first and everyone just looked at it salivating. Looks good right?

Basil Chicken

“Almond Jelly” had the seafood Phad Thai. Looks delicious too ya?

Seafood Phad Thai

“Pirate” had the green curry with rice. He did not finish his curry, but the rest of us finished it up. hehe…

Green Curry

This is what I ate. The Honey Chicken. Quite nicely done!


The Crispy Drumlettes with Lemon Sauce that we shared.


“Ms Healthy” had the Omelette with rice.

Omelette Rice

“Old Cat” had the spicy tom yam fried rice. A few weeks ago, we had a meal at Thai Express too, that time, “puk” ordered this and said it was not spicy. But this order today sure was spicy, coz “Old Cat” was sweating while he was eating!

Tom Yam Fried Rice

And.. the famous Thai Express Tom Yam Soup. The soup’s clear but it’s one of the most fiery and potent soup you can drink.

Tom Yam Soup - Potent!

Thai Express – West Coast Plaza
154 West Coast Road
#01-02 West Coast Plaza
Singapore 127371

Tel: 65-6272 1912
Hours: Monday to Sunday 11.30am to 10.00pm

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