Chinese New Year Breakfast

I was not around in Singapore for the Lunar New Year. All the children and grandchildren traveled across the causeway to have reunion dinner back with parents and grandparents.

It’s quite funny that we only get to see our other cousins back in Malaysia at grandma’s place, though many of us live here in Singapore. We seldom visit each other face to face, but only exchange messages on Facebook (sigh…)

These yummy food photos in Malaysia wont be appearing here. haha.. Not eaten in Singapura. LOL…

Anyway, back in Singapore and we had this for breakfast. Bee Hoon with pig innards, duck web and abalone peppery soup.

Bee Hoon Soup

This is the traditional dish on my mum’s / aunt’s side. The “Pek Ker” (Rice Cakes) that the Heng Hua people have.

Fried Pek Ker

Wishing all a Blessed Lunar New Year.

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