Botejyu @ Liang Court

A very Happy and Blessed 2009 to all of you.

The first meal for the people in our family is also known as the “Last Supper”. At around 12 midnight, we had the Holy Communion in Church, part of the Watch Night service. It’s a piece of wafer with a little glass of wine.

This is dinner on the first day of 2009. We had Omus and Okos at Botejyu at Liang Court.

Botejyu at Liang Court

Sis seems to love pumpkin nowadays. When she saw this on the menu, she ordered it. Pumpkin Tempura. $3.80

Pumpkin Tempura

Sis, Momo and I ordered an item each. When the food came, we ended up sharing instead.

I chose the Pork Omu. We think this is the nicest of the 3 things we ordered.

Pork Omu-Soba

This is the Moonlight Oko that Momo ordered. When the person served us he said, you guys must be very lucky. (huh?) He said it’s the first time he served this dish with an egg that has double yoke. Oh… ๐Ÿ™‚

Moonlight Okos

There’s 3 tiny slices of pork, some prawns and other seafood in it.

Moonlight Okos

Sis ordered the Pork Oko. The pattern on it looks beautiful ya?

Pork Okos

You see the pork slices when you cut it. It was OK. For people who like beautiful food. ๐Ÿ™‚

Pork Okos

Fellow Food Blogger who has blogged about Botejyu.
Camemberu who went to the Vivo City branch.

177 River Valley Road
#02-32/33 Liang Court
Singapore 179030

Tel: 63388557

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