Sweet Indulgence @ Stanley Street

Ms iPhone and Ms Watchless wanted to meet up for dinner to catch up. We all ran out of places and delegated to Ms Watchless to find a place. She chanced upon this cosy place and thought we should all go try.

When we arrived, we were immediately served with bread and balsamic vinegar. Meanwhile giving us time to flip through the menu and looking at what we want. Ms Watchless really loved the bread!

We finally decided on a dish of appetizer first while waiting for Ms iPhone to come. This is called Spicy Bratwurst. It was quite spicy indeed.

When Ms iPhone finally appeared, we ordered. This is Ms Watchless’s order of Beef Tenderloin Alio Olio.

Ms iPhone ordered Grilled Pork Rack. It was very tender.

I ordered the Braised Lamb Shanks.

Apologise for the grainy photos. Being a cosy place, lightening was not to its full potential for photography.

Sweet Indulgence
2 Stanley Street

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