Island Cafe @ Tangs Plaza

I had some points that were expiring from my Tangs card, but i didnt have anything to buy at CK Tang. So the next way to use up the points was to eat at Island cafe ๐Ÿ™‚

I usually wouldnt come here, unless i had spare points to use or needed shelter from rain. And today it was for both reasons that i came in here for lunch with Dino.

Dino was not very hungry, so she had Grilled Taupok -$7. Very crispy taupok with the tau kwa.

I had Indonesian Fried Rice-$13. There was 2 sticks of chicken satay as well, but sorry it got hidden. Chicken curry that came with this was really soft and melt in the mouth kind.

And i was still greedy and wanted to try the Asian Pork Salad-$11. The sio bak turns out to be really good! Crispy with lots of fat to chew on (i was chewing really slowly, as i just had my braces tighten the day before). The cumcumber that came with with it was really refreshing with the thai salad sauce.

Have a good week ahead!

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