Golden Mile Food Centre on Beach Road

Its been a long time since i last came here to eat. Parking is a factor as sometimes even after waiting for 15-25 mins, i still dont get a lot! Decided to give it a try again.

Mum wanted to try the chiew kway that she saw. 5 pieces for $1.50. Chilli was good, but everything else was so-so. The rice cakes were too soft!

Dad normally has his prawn noodles from this stall. $4 – they give you everything, 3 prawns and spare ribs. I know the ribs were soft.

Parents also wanted to have the CKT that has no lard, no pork and lots of vegetables. Means no lup cheong! $4. Totally un-CKT.

Overall, so-so experience this time round. Hmm…not totally satisfied. Shall come back and try other stalls!

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