Coffee Club @ Holland Village

This was our supper that a few friends and I had just the other day. It was the night that we had food from Curry Favor (posted here a few days ago). We were meeting another friend, and we thought why not ask him to meet us in Holland Village instead.

While walking to Coffee Club in Holland Village, we bumped into my sis and her colleagues. What a coincidence. They were wanting to eat some ice cream. They joined us instead at Coffee Club.

We initially wanted only desserts to sweeten up our mouths, but end up having the following…

Wasabi Prawn Salad. Wasabi’s not potent enough, other than that, it was ok.

Sis and her colleauges had wedges with salsa and sour cream. It seems this is quite popular with people here. We saw quite a few tables ordering this too.

Goodness. More food was ordered and we even had chicken wings!

OK, back to our desserts. This was Mille-feuille (translated as thousand layers)

Wanna know why it’s called thousand layers in French? Here’s why.

Another desserts, the chocolate mousse that’s gloriously rich in chocolate.

Did not take photos of drinks. They always look similar that I have given up taking photos of them. ;-p

It was such a funny night. We were chatting and laughing and eating.
So glad that I joined them instead of thinking of going home to finish up unfinished work from office.

Coffee Club
Holland Village
48A Lorong Mambong
Singapore 277686

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