Thaksin Beef Noodle @ Clementi Avenue 3

Last Wednesday, our Care Group met at Clementi to have dinner again. It has been a long since we had this, and all of us went to the same stall to order it!

Everyone had the same thing, so here’s mine.

The same bowl, zoomed in…

Now that I have zoomed in, it seems we get less mint leaves etc than previously if you compare to previous time I was here.

Here’s another bowl that another friend had.

Still tasty, just a bit ‘adjustment’ that almost every stall in Singapore is doing now.

Comes in 4 sizes: Standard at $3.50, Value at $4, Supreme at $5 and Super at $6.
I had the supreme version. (first 2 photos)

Block 449 Clementi Ave 3
Singapore 120449

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