Steamboat Session @ Work

This was yesterday’s lunch. A colleague who is on leave (clearing his National Day in-lieu leave?) said that he will organize it. Onz!! A few of us brought other things to ‘jia cai’ a bit.

We got a secret location to have it. A location that the whole office will not come and ask us to feed them too. LOL…

The ‘initiation round’. The yong tau foo stuff.

We are a bit picky, we need parsley and cut chilli too. LOL

One of the rounds that has prawns to sweeten the soup.

One of the vege rounds. The inoki and veg round.

This is the last round. We had two scoops of tomyam paste added in the last few rounds. This is the one with the crabs and ‘tang hoon’. When the soup thickens, it is so yummy!

The crap that one colleague ate. It seems half of us just like the taste of crabs in the soup, but don’t like to pick the crabs. The crabs are full of roe.

One of the things that you can’t really waste time. (though this is one of the most time wasting eating activities). Gotta start on time and finish on time so we can get back to work. LOL..

The rainy season’s the best season to have steamboat.

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