Popiah and Kueh Pai Tee Party

Last Saturday evening, a few of us met up at a friends house for a Popiah (Spring rolls) and Kueh Pai Tee party. It was fun and yummy. So fun and yummy that the whole night, I only took 3 photos!

We were too busy wrapping and eating and chatting (really its gossiping. LOL)

These shells looks so pretty doesn’t it?

The filling. (shredded turnip). That can be used for both the pai tee and the popiahs.

We had other food too, but too excited to wrap and eat, forgot to take photos of them.
I did take a photo of the popiah that I wrapped though.

In it, sweet sauce, sambal paste, lettuce, bean sprout, prawns, eggs, fried shallots and of course the shredded turnip.

Have you all had popiah parties before? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Pardon the dim and grainy photos. It’s during the night time.

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