Malay Food Stall @ NUS YIH Canteen.

Looking at Rasa Malaysia’s post about Nasi Melayu, it sure got me hungry and salivating. At the same time yesterday, colleagues and I went to YIH to have lunch.

Everyone just headed straight to the Malay stall. I head to the Malay stall because of RM’s post. LOL… Here’s what I ordered. Rendang, Sambal Goreng and a veg. $2.20

Dpuk also had something similar. 2 meat and 2 veg.

Old cat had 2 veg, sambal goreng and chilli mussels.

Almond jelly had fish. Plus veg as well.

The portions seems to have shrunk and prices gone up, but the queue for this stall seems to have grown longer. Hmmm

Malay Food Stall
NUS YIH Canteen.

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